What The Members Are Saying...

“Jab Fitness has been a great improvement in my life since I started training. I have noticed an overall improvement in my energy level and enthusiasm for a regular workout routine. Most of all it’s flexible with my ever changing work schedule. It’s not like a set class with a certain starting time. I can go in whenever I want and Joe works with me. It’s like having your own personal trainer for $60.00 a month! Thank you, Joe.”
Julie A. Wenger, 24 yrs. Old
Aurora University Student

“There’s that moment when you decide it is time for a change.  It typically comes around the end of the Holiday season and you tell yourself you are going to start eating right and join a gym.  Once that January 1st date comes around, you will dive in and start a routine.  Then a few weeks later comes a day where you miss your workout routine and you tell yourself you will pick back up tomorrow.  Then you realize how nice it is not to workout and not eat right for that day so you push it off again.  You miss another day, and you somewhat enjoy the fact that your body isn’t aching as much and in fact you really do enjoy that half a pizza you ate.  Then comes the third day, you’ve decided you will get back to your healthy change next week…but then you get an email from Joe. He’s checking in to see why you haven’t been at the gym, he’s keeping you accountable.  He’s looking out for your best interest when you decide you don’t want to take care of your body.  You reluctantly get to Jab Fitness Training and are greeted by Joe with a smile on your face and a ‘good to see you’ out of his mouth.  With all the great members at Jab, you are welcomed back to the gym.  You don’t feel judged, ever.  You are encouraged by Joe’s dedication to your physical well being.  He shows you from the beginning what to do and spends time with you.  It is like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the price.  He changes the way you think, not just some quick fix to loose weight and get in shape.  He can literally help change your life.  You still have to do the work, but he is going to keep you dedicated when you want to give up. Two years and 140 pounds ago, this story was me.  Without Joe, I was destined for death before my children graduated High school.  Masked as a work out, boxing is a very enjoyable experience.  It takes the boring part out of working out.  Jab Fitness Training is just a building, but Joe (owner) is a life changer.  I am thankful for Joe and all the things he has taught me and the countless hours he helped direct me in a path of eating healthy and motivating me to get to the gym.  If you are ready to make a change, start today.  You don’t need a New Years resolution, you need a life changing event.  This is the place to do it.  There is no other place I could have had these results at.  I’d write more, but I have to get to Jab!.”
Mike Smith, 27 years Old
QMC Supervisor at KBI

“Jab Fitness is one of a kind. I was over the big box gyms and was looking for a place to change my life style. Jab is exactly that place! From the start Joe took my wife and I into the Jab family. Always welcoming and friendly, it is more than a place to work out. It is a place of friendly faces.

The program is incredible. It pushes you to new limits…from jump rope, heavy bags, the hill and weights it is an evolving and challenging workout. Joe does a great job keeping you on your toes and providing new challenges. In a short period of time I experienced great results. Dropping weight, gaining more agility, improving my strength and improving my cardio have improved my energy levels and overall health.

Thank you Joe for a great program and community! A proud member of the Jab family!”
Joseph Lococo, 33 yrs. Old
Credit Executive, JP Morgan Chase
Vice President



“Jab has been the best gym I’ve ever attended. The workout is efficient, keeps you focused and has improved my cardio, strength and overall health. The workout has also carried over to improvements in my other activities. The strength, core and hand-eye work has helped my hockey and golf.

Joe Cassano is a big part of my success. A motivator, trainer and coach, he knows how to push you while boosting your confidence in your work. I recently signed up my son to work out at Jab also. Joe treats him like any other member and we spend some quality time together working hard and getting fit.

For anyone looking to get in shape, in an efficient, positive and welcoming environment, I have just two words—JOIN JAB!”
John Puscheck, 43 yrs. Old
Owner/ President of Prager Moving & Storage Co.

“I don’t know about you, but I was to the point that going to the high priced, fancy gym I belonged to was no fun anymore. I had to arrive at least 20 minutes early for any class just to get a spot on the floor. Any later and I risked the rolling of the eyes and sighs of the other members who didn’t want to move over even though there was more than enough room. I was done! Then I found JAB – hidden in the back of an industrial park and not nearly as shiny and polished as I was used to. But it was just what I needed! I have to admit I was a little intimidated but I figured why not try it. After meeting and talking with Joe (Owner/Trainer) he explained how I could come for a one-time tryout. It only cost $20 and if I liked it that goes towards the membership dues. So I did and I was hooked. Eventually I learned how to throw one of those hooks, too. This has been the best gym experience I have ever had. The minute you walk in Joe is there to call out your name and say “Hello”. I felt welcomed. He stays by your side teaching and training until you get it. He is always on the floor to encourage or point out ways to improve and sometimes he works out right next to you too. I have seen great change in my body and mind. I have muscles and I feel strong. It has become almost therapeutic and I love it! If you are not sure, come in and give it a try, you might get hooked just like me.”
Carey Caylor

“I started working out at Jab Fitness Training 6 years ago.  I had been working out in other places but never felt like I was making any progress.  My wife who is also a Jab member talked me into giving Jab a try.  From the moment I walked in I felt Jab was the place for me.  Joe walked me through the work out the first couple of weeks.  As the weeks went on, Joe was always there to guide and instruct me through my workout like my own personal trainer.  Even now he will challenge me to push myself harder and the work is paying off.  From the youngest to the oldest member of the gym, I am inspired on a daily basis.  Everyone here is like family.  That is why I love Jab.  Thanks Joe.”
​John Fiduccia, 50 yrs. Old

“I’ve been going to Jab for roughly 8 years. The atmosphere of this gym is unique to any gym you’ll ever be a member of. I feel like I’ve become apart of a family and enjoy every minute there. There is no better community than this one. If you’re looking to get into phenomenal shape Joe will guide you in the right direction. The boxing workout/routine coupled with his dietary advice will set you up to be in tremendous physical shape. This gym will always have a special place in my heart. If anyone is looking to challenge themselves to achieve their dream body this is the place to do so. I love everything about Jab Fitness and am glad that I found this place.”

Paul Vickers

“I became a member at Jab Fitness because I wanted to learn the basics of boxing and most importantly to stay in shape. I had zero experience boxing so I had some reservations about joining a boxing gym. From the very first day I was given one on one attention and guided through the fundamentals of boxing. I was allowed to progress at my own pace and learn new things when I felt I was ready. It has been close to a year since I’ve joined the gym and in that time I cancelled my membership to LA Fitness, improved my physique, and oddly enough networked with other professionals. I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Jab Fitness. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants an alternative to the mainstream gyms.”
Brian Edwards

“All my life I have worked out the way most people have by running on the treadmill and lifting weights. I never knew what a real work out was until I came to JAB. 3 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time but you don’t realize how long it is until you do 3 minutes on the heavy bag or the speed bag. This is the toughest and the best work out I have ever done in my life and the results do show now that I am in the best shape of my life. Joe Cassano gives great instructions and makes the gym a place you want to come to. After a stressful day this is the place you want to come to and get out some of that aggression. I’ve been a member for over a year but I will be a member for life.”
Adam Sippos, 26 yrs. Old
Sales Rep

“For as long as I have been working out, I have used treadmills and bikes. It was a drag for me to go into the “health club” everyday and waste my time on one of those machines. It wasn’t fun for me and I hated it because it was too plain and it wasn’t challenging enough. But then, I found Jab. I have only been at Jab for 7-8 months so far, but I would have to say it is one of the most challenging workouts I have ever experienced. It gives you a wide variety of weights and cardio. I never thought I would be interested in boxing because I always believed it was for “guys only.” I was wrong. I love Jab, and the environment is so friendly. And Joe is great! He works with you one on one, and he gives you the guidance you need to succeed. And thanks to Joe, and Jab, I gained more self-confidence and I met a lot of great people. I will continue to workout at Jab and I will be a member for life. Thank you, Joe.”
Christina Dandre, 16 years Old
Waubonsie Valley High School

“When I first started at Jab I knew there was something different about this gym compared to most gyms…and that is the owner and trainer himself! I was 261lbs and lost 80lbs! If you have a vision that you want to achieve this is the place to do it. Joe will help you along the way and help keep you accountable to keep you on track. I am a proud Jab member and always will be. Not only do you get really great results from being a member here, you also become family to the gym because we all want to help each other.”
Michael Corradini, 20 yrs. Old
​Student at COD

“I played football in high school and college. I wish I had a Jab Fitness routine while I was training. Last year, before starting Jab, I was overweight and struggling to stay awake when driving. Jab changed all of that. I am in the best shape of my life and cured of sleeping problems. This is the best training I have ever had and it has saved my life.”
Neon Chapman, 36 yrs. Old
Facility Engineer, UPS

“Before joining Jab I had struggled with my weight for years, and going to conventional gyms wasn’t working for me. The idea of running on a treadmill for an hour wasn’t very appealing and whenever I did go, I didn’t push myself very hard. Finally, I got fed up and decided to look for something different. I showed up at Jab intending to do a trial to see how I felt about it, but after looking around I realized I didn’t need it. Between the welcoming atmosphere and the unconventional/intense workout I observed, I signed up within the first fifteen minutes. Joe keeps you accountable and helps with everything from strength training to diet and nutrition – you definitely learn a lot! Everyone at Jab encourages you along the way as well and is incredibly friendly and helpful. When I signed up someone told me ‘It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself!’ – and that has turned out to be completely true.”
Meaghan Heinz, 25 yrs. Old
​Preschool Teacher 

“I joined Jab Fitness Training because I was looking for a different way to work out and get into shape. I knew how to lose weight but I needed an extra push. That is exactly what I got at Jab Fitness. Joe is great! He is very encouraging, patient and motivating. Joe pushes you but he is not in your face. In 6 months I lost 30 pounds. I am in the best shape I have been in a long time. I really enjoy the workout at Jab Fitness. It is a great workout for everyone.”
Larry Keating, 33 yrs. Old

Povilas Andriusaitis
2007 World Muay Thai Champion

“Jab Fitness Training is the best boxing facility I have ever trained at. I gained 10 pounds of muscle while training. Now I weigh 136 pounds. I also love to help out my trainer. He’s the kind of guy someone can joke around with. I always tell my friends how wonderful a place Jab is. I would highly recommend you box at Jab because it has taught me hand-to-hand contact, self defense and how to stay fit.”
Stephan Vickers, 16 yrs. Old
Sophmore at Waubonsie Valley High School

“I’ve been going to many of the large name gyms for years. I always went looking for results and never found what was right for me. The moment I walked into Jab I knew I was home. The people are nice and the environment is welcoming. Jab gives results! I went from 176 pounds to 161 pounds in about 1 1/2 months! Joe is not only my trainer but also my friend. I’d gladly give Joe my business in the years to come.”
Kyle Conners, 21 years Old

“One of the reasons I like Jab is that you can just go there and work out…there is no certain time. I also like Jab a lot because if you’re doing something wrong Joe will come and help you out.”
Riley Mulherin, 13 yrs. Old
Still Middle School

“I love it here at Jab! You can’t go wrong with Joe’s challenging, but yet exhilarating work out. Boxing here gets you into great shape, while learning skills that last a lifetime. It really is addicting!”
Griffen Davies, 17 yrs. Old

“The first time I walked into Jab Fitness and Training was the summer after my freshman year at the University of Iowa. I had been an avid hockey fan for a long time, and had started playing in high school, but it was as many people told me, ‘too late’ for me to be able to play for any college. Having been cut during tryouts my freshman year, I decided that I was going to make a change and try to train differently to make the team.The first day I walked into the gym Joe made sure to introduce himself, learn my name as well as my background, and then proceeded to lead me through his circuit. I learned how hard jumping rope could be that day and probably did the hardest ab workout in my life. I was hooked to say the least. The very next day I walked in and Joe remembered everything about me, not once having to ask for my name again or what I was training for. During that summer, I dropped 20 pounds, raised my bench press by almost 60 pounds, and was feeling like I was in the best shape of my life. When tryouts came that year, I went out and played as if I was a completely different person. I ended up making the team that year. ​The thing that makes Jab a unique place to workout is the atmosphere of the gym. I can say with full honesty there is nothing but positive people there. Joe works with each member to help him or her achieve goals that are set, and makes sure that everybody knows each day is another step closer to achieving those goals. I recently decided to stop playing hockey, and now use Jab as a place to workout, try to lose any extra weight, and just stay in shape. For casual use such as this, it works just as well. I was a big kid when I started going to Jab originally and after only going during the summer for two years, I feel comfortable saying I’m no longer big, but average size. The only regret I have with Jab is that I didn’t become a member sooner. It’s the highlight of any summer when I get to come home, and I view Joe as a great friend and an inspiration. Jab Fitness helped me do what I was told is ‘impossible’.”
Justin Kripalani, 20 yrs. Old
University of Iowa

“Jab Fitness is by far the greatest workout you can get. Joe has shown me the techniques and ways of boxing. I’ve been a member for 10 months and couldn’t be happier. Everyone is so nice and gets along and it’s a great place to work out and get your anger out. It’s a tiring workout that will make you sore and feel good about yourself. There’s not a day that goes by where you don’t feel like you haven’t got a good workout. Jab Fitness is the best!”
Zack Rohde, 18 yrs. Old
United States Marine

“Jab Fitness has been my home away from home for the past year. The community, the trainer and the workout itself are phenomenal! My level of physical fitness, both cardiovascular and pure muscle strength, has soared to new heights. I never dreamed how hard 3 minutes (one round) of jumping rope, hitting the heavybag or hitting the speedbag could be! No workout could ever compare—I love Jab!”
Tyler Rund, 17 yrs. Old
Neuqua Valley H.S.

“I love working out on my own time, at my own pace. The gym is a friendly and safe place to work out. And the workouts can be as hard or as refreshing as you please. I love the heavybags and jump rope. Jab Fitness is the gym everybody should be using.”
Josh Singer, 18 yrs. Old
Marine Corps.
Machine Gunner

“Joe’s encouraging, warm and supportive’It’s like having a personal trainer without the cost. It has really toned my arms and is the main reason my husband has lost 30 lbs. in the first six months. He loves it. It’s a sport that’s appealing to any age group or fitness level – an outlet for women who usually don’t participate in contact sports – INVIGORATING!!”
Diane Bubeck, 47 yrs. Old
CEO Bubeck & Assoc. 
Dietitian/Marriage & Family Therapist

“Although our son, Louis, always enjoyed a pick-up game of football or baseball in the neighborhood, organized sports were something that did not appeal to him. We were looking for an activity to not only fulfill his need to keep fit, but to build his self-confidence’we found it at JAB!!!! The one-on-one instruction from Joe has motivated him to work hard and excel! Thank you, Joe, The Dazzos.”
Louis Dazzo, 10 yrs. Old
4th Grade, Eagle Point

“Nothing describes a work out better than what I and the other members of JAB Fitness do. The jump rope, speed bag, heavy bag combination is the hardest work out I have ever done. When I joined JAB I was looking for a way to physically challenge myself-something other than a typical boring gym work out. What I get at JAB is unconventional, extremely challenging and best of all fun. I do not dread going to JAB like I did other gyms. Not only are the people friendly and the atmosphere fun but everyone has their own personal trainer in owner Joe Cassano. Joe is personally committed to seeing each and every member reach their goals. When I first joined JAB, Joe spent a great deal of time teaching me proper technique and providing tips on how to get the most out of my work out. Several months later, he is still challenging me and providing guidance that I could definitely not get anywhere else. I have not yet met my goals, but I’m positive that I will and I would not even think of doing it anywhere other than at JAB.”
Brooke Damery, 23 yrs. Old

“Jab Fitness is amazing! This is the best place to go if you’re looking for a good workout, great community, and an amazing trainer/owner. I have been going to Jab Fitness for about 3 years and I absolutely love it. Joe (the owner/trainer) is always there for you as a friend and a trainer. He helps to walk you through the proper technique and strives to help you reach you fitness goals. Ever since I’ve started here, I have been in the best shape of my life. I enjoy the workout and the people. This community encourages you to grow and do your best. We laugh and have fun, while we get the work done. No other fitness place I would rather be then Jab.”

Avery Hickey, 20 yrs. Od 

“I joined Jab Fitness to add variety to my exercise routine of running. Jab Fitness is a great place to train and it all starts with Joe. From the moment I joined Jab, Joe was there to welcome me to the club and start me on the Jab boxing circuit. Joe continues to provide training, support and encouragement every time I train. Even on days when I don’t feel like working out when I get to Jab that all changes. It provides me with an overall workout that is invigorating and provides me with renewed energy. Jab training has definitely improved my overall fitness level both physically and mentally. I have improved my cardiovascular health, core strengthening and muscle tone. I am slimmer, toned and I feel great working out at Jab. I find myself wanting to go to Jab to train and Joe provides an atmosphere at the gym that encourages me to do better, train harder and work to improve myself. The clientele is friendly, encouraging, and great people. Joining Jab is the best decision I made. Friends and family have noticed a change in me and ask what I do – I say ‘Jab Fitness!'”
Laura Evans, 40 yrs. Old
Community Center Manager

“I joined Jab Fitness looking for a new way to keep in shape as distance running was too tough on my knees and the fitness center machine circuit was monotonous. I was surprised at what a great workout you can get in 30-45 minutes. Between jumping rope, the heavy bag, speed bag and the Jab-Ab routine, you cover it all: cardio, strength, balance, ability, hand eye coordination and improving your core muscles and breathing. Joe has been very helpful not only with technique advice but also encouraging me to take my workouts up a notch when he sees me getting into a rut. The other members are a great source of encouragement as well. There’s a good mix of guys, ladies, members a few years older than myself as well as the younger members. Age and experience doesn’t matter, you get welcomed by the other members from Day One. Jab Fitness is the best workout investment I’ve made in 20+ years of clubs/classes! “
Art Nicholas, 43 yrs. Old 
Software Sales

“Jab Fitness was like home away from home. I am here for 10 weeks and I am a Philly fighter. Jab Fitness was every bit as real deal as any gym in Philly. I highly recommend Jab Fitness as your ‘Gym away from home’! “
Kamarah Pasley
Software Sales Executive

“JAB FITNESS has been the best gym experience! I am so used to boring, long distance running that JAB was a fun change. I get one of the best workouts in only 45 minutes, even though you could stay as long as you want. Joe is always concerned about you personally and it is almost like having one-on-one attention. I was a little nervous at first to be with all the guys boxing, but JAB is such a fun and great workout that I keep coming back! “
Shaina Mango, 21 yrs. Old
Soccer Player at Marquette University

“Joining Jab Fitness has gotten me back into shape. I never liked regular gyms because I never had a partner to go with regularly. So if I went, I wouldn’t push myself. At Jab, you don’t need a partner, plus Joe is there to push you or if you need assistance. You catch on pretty quick to the workout and it becomes addicting. Joe makes it enjoyable to be there and knows what he is talking about. Jab Fitness is the perfect place to go to relieve stress. I’ve gotten addicted to working out at Jab Fitness and have started to see results in a rather short period of time. I would recommend Jab Fitness to anyone who may be stressed, looking to slim down or just looking for some fun.”
Scott Nodine, 23 yrs. Old
Student at Northern Illinois University

“Joe,                                                        June, 21st, 2007

You were busy when I left yesterday, but I wanted to tell you thank you. I started boxing and working out for this vacation in January weighing in at a flabby 198. I just weighed myself when I got home, and I was 168. That is unbelievable. I have reached all my goals I set for myself, and I even said once I’ve lost too much weight. Awesome. Without JAB, yourself, and the advice given along the way, I would have never reached those goals. The complements alone that I get daily are just wonderful. When I get back I have to start working for strength for my hiking trip.Thanks again for everything, Joe!”
Shawn Skeels, 30 yrs. Old
Service Technician

Quentin Iozzo

Chris Brown

Kyle McCauley

Willie Little

“Before I joined Jab, I’d usually go to the gym and work out. Sticking to the basic and easy machines, like the treadmill and elliptical, was mainly my whole workout. I’d use the other machines in the gym, but was never sure if I was using them correctly without having to hire a personal trainer and additionally paying him/her by the hour. I’ve also tried the different classes offered at the gym, but would easily lose interest after the first break given.
Wanting to do something different that would keep my interest and motivation, I found JAB FITNESS. Knowing nothing about boxing when I first started, Joe Cassano made me feel comfortable, confident and motivated. He is very personable and supportive towards everyone. Now being a member for about two years, I’ve built up on my strength, skills and technique. There is never a dull workout which makes you coming back for more. I recommend JAB FITNESS to everyone!” 
Tiffany Lagasca
Office Manager/Model

“I first visited Jab after a friend recommended that I go try a workout. I hesitated as I had never boxed in my life. After the first 30 minute workout, I was hooked. The owner of Jab trained me over the next couple of weeks. From there the owner monitored my progress and introduced me to techniques as I progressed. Within the first month I lost 2 inches in my waist, which was my objective. I have been working out at Jab for over four months. I find it to be one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. It’s fun, challenging and has put me in the best shape of my life!” 
Mike Slevin, 37 yrs. Old
National Account Manager

“I am not one to post transformation pics. Mainly because I’ve never had one.
Anyway, Hi I’m fat and still a bit overweight. Now I know what y’all are going to say. Don’t call yourself fat, your beautiful. Well I know I’m beautiful but it’s the truth I am fat. But what the difference between the first pic and the second, is that I am choosing to be different. In the first pic, I still loved myself but I was on a path of danger. I mean I was active but a sad excuse of active. I am such a high energy person but my size was keeping me down. One day my father came home and told me he was now diabetic and needed to change his diet. I decided I was going to do this with him: CHANGE. It was desperately needed, I mean I wouldn’t have been surprised if I was next in a year or two. So I got this urge to ask around for gyms. I was brought to this beautiful, I mean MANLY boxing gym called jab fitness training. Man had this placed changed my life. I am still struggling with eating and going regularly but the owner is LITERALLY the best. He deals with my excuses and tells me to suck it up and keep going. The perfect blend of tough but sweet. I couldn’t thank him enough. So instead I make fun of him. Truly changed my life. Also Having my friend Anna come with me, is awesome. She encourages and pushes me to keep at it. Even if Anna didn’t come, the people I meet at Jab Fitness are really nice and very encouraging. It truly means a lot. The first pic of me was taken in early January of 2016. The second pic of me was taken Sept. 25, 2017. I am still happy, beautiful but encouraged that the Lord is with me and has provided the right people in my life. Just know. I’m Not done yet.”
Emily Spaargaren, 23 yrs. Old
Senior Program Assistant
​Giant Steps Illinois

“You want to lose weight, get in shape, look and feel better—Jab Fitness is the place to be!!!! Jab Fitness is the “Cheers” of Illinois—a friendly place where every body knows your name, but unlike “Cheers” you’re going to come away with a renewed physical vigor, and an enhanced enthusiasm for life.
Jab Fitness is owned, operated and run by the personable Joe Cassano. Joe is there to train, encourage, support and teach you. Using boxing equipment as the equipment of emphasis (there are ample weights available for those who want to incorporate weight training into their regime) you will challenge every muscle fiber to be involved. Hitting the big bags, jumping rope, and slashing away at the speed bags will not only improve your fitness, reduce that tummy, and trim the fat but will also instill confidence, and alleviate those daily frustrations.
Jab Fitness has a clientele that works hard but is very friendly. There is a real family atmosphere at the gym—throughout the year Joe has get togethers for the members, such as the club Christmas party, the summer barbeque and special events throughout the year.
If you are looking for a gym to improve your physical fitness, enhance your appearance, refresh your mental health and meet some great people—Jab Fitness is the place to be!!!!! Come join us!!!” 
Al Tamberelli
Retired East Aurora H.S. Football Coach

“I have been a member at Jab for almost a year and I can’t say enough about the things it has done for my overall fitness level. I don’t think that you can find a workout anywhere that offers as much benefit without taking up hours per week. The Jab workout helps you to improve speed, strength, stamina, power and hand-eye coordination. If you’re serious about getting in shape, you owe it to yourself to come and take a look.” 
Dan, 37 Yrs. Old
Project Manager

“I joined Jab Fitness looking for a way to get back in shape and lose weight. In the first 3 months I lost over 20 lbs thanks to Joe. There is no better workout, it covers it all: cardio, strength and your core muscles. Jab Fitness is a great place to work out. You have your own personal trainer in Joe. He is there to train and encourage you. It’s the best workout you can get. I would recommend Jab Fitness to anyone at any fitness level.” 
Tom Turner, 59 Yrs. Old
CAS Enterprise (CookWorld)

“No Frills, Just Fitness.
Words worth their weight in gold, and you can take that to the bank! I have been with JAB for five years. I will be with JAB for life’ JAB’s circuit training is a workout for EVERYBODY. No age group, gender, or fitness level is exempt. When you walk through the door, you’re with family and friends who will help you succeed not only in the ring, but in life. When I started, I was a puny sixteen-year old with an attitude problem. JAB quickly rid me of both. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life. I hit harder, move quicker, and have more stamina and energy than I would have ever fathomed. The workout Joe guided me though my first day, and I will never forget this, whooped my ass better than my Momma ever did. And it STILL does! Whether I go in for three hours or a half hour, I leave happier and healthier than when I arrived. An hour on the heavy bag to distress and a few rounds on the speed bag is all I need to really feel alive! This is the only workout that will kick your ass, and keep you thirsty for more day after day. If you are looking to get in the best condition of your life physically, mentally, and emotionally ‘ this is the gym for YOU! JAB Fitness Training is not just a gym with a great workout: It is a way of LIFE. No Frills, Just Fitness’ ” 
Chris Amlin, 21 Yrs. Old Professional Student DeVry University

“When I was younger, I was heavily into boxing and MMA training. I loved it, but with a career and family, the heavy sparring started to become impractical for me. I eventually had to stop training, but always missed the environment of a boxing gym. Recently, some minor health issues required that I find some sort of exercise program. I was reluctant because I was never a fitness club type and the thought of running on a treadmill or lifting weights did not appeal to me at all. Then I found Joe Cassano and Jab Fitness. Joe’s program is the perfect program for me. When you are participating in an activity that you enjoy, it doesn’t seem like exercise at all. With past fitness center experiences, I would sometimes find excuses not to go. With Jab Fitness, I am always motivated to get in there. Joe works very hard to properly show you the Jab routine and eventually you can do it on your own. Joe is a great trainer and motivator, and is always there to answer a question, or help personalize your routine. The workout is always challenging, the equipment is top-notch and the environment is friendly. My weight is down, my cardio is up and I feel in better shape now at 44, then I did at 34.” 
David M. Hernandez, 44 Yrs. Old

“Jab has been awesome the past few years. I always love going to the gym to get a few laughs, workout and have a good time. Jab is a great place to box because for one, it is not very costly and it is awesome obviously! Joe helps me relieve stress and anger that builds up. Joe has been an awesome friend and I love going to Jab because it’s not frills, it’s fitness baby!” 
Carmen Cosmano, 16 Yrs Old
Painter Affordable Painters Corp

“I had been hearing about Jab from my Dad and how much he loved it for the past few years, so I finally decided to see why he loved it so much. After the first day I figured out what he was talking about. Joe taught me the right technique and continues to show me different ways to challenge myself. Jab is one of the few workouts that I look forward to doing. I have improved so much over the past three months. I can see and feel a huge difference in my endurance and strength. It is the type of workout that really challenges me, but I leave feeling really accomplished.” 
Katelyn Adducci, 18 Yrs. Old
Student Illinois State University

“I started boxing at Jab so I can spend time with my Dad and get a good workout. Boxing helps me get ready and in shape for volleyball season.”
Cassie Quick

“Jab is a great place to train and work out. Joe is a really good trainer and friend.” 
Roy Salgado

“Jab Fitness has been the best workout experience of my life! After three months of training, I’ve lost 15 pounds (and counting) and starting to see that six-pack I lost so many years ago. Not only is Jab effective, but it’s fun. I started out going 2-3 days a week, but now I’m disappointed if I go less than five. There are always new punches to learn and perfect as well as exercises to make the workout more intense. The owner, Joe, is not only a great trainer but also an amazing motivator and friend. He is always there, with a smile on his face ready to help you in the gym or just have a good laugh. If you’re bored and/or unsatisfied with traditional gyms, you need to check out Jab Fitness Training. ” 
Nick Papadopoulos, 26 Yrs. Old
Office Manager

“At Jab Fitness, I have no problem finding the motivation to get myself into the gym. The series of exercises are higher in intensity and provide variation-two important aspects of a workout which most conventional gyms lack. Most times, I don’t realize how long I’ve been working out, the time passes so quickly. I’ve had a great summer experience here-the environment here’s truly unique; people here are friendly and positive and training is enjoyable. I encourage everyone to try Jab Fitness.” 
Lisa Hong, 20 Yrs. Old
William Blair & Co, Intern

“The bell rings, the light turns green, punching bags are rumbling. Once you start you can’t stop. Nothing else compares to a JAB Fitness work out!!!””
Cody Sowell, 18 yrs. Old

“Jab Fitness is not just a gym but a community. This is a place where you’re not just a number, but a name. Joe makes everyone feel right at home as soon as you step through the door. Jab Fitness started out as a good workout and now it has become a way of life.” 
Jose Garcia
Teacher/Varsity Soccer Coach Waubonsie Valley H.S

“Jab in a way is like ‘CHEERS’ where everyone knows your name! I used to be a P.E. teacher and am very familiar with traditional workouts that are marketed by other health clubs in town. Jab has afforded me a whole new type of workout that has produced immediate results that were evident from week one through this my third year! Joe is an exceptional trainer whose boxing and fitness knowledge rivals none. Over the past three years my workout has changed as my boxing skills have improved thanks to Joe Cassano’s continuous instruction. No other type of workout rivals what you get from Jab day in and day out!” 
Jim Gyori 44 Yrs. Old

Pete Cassano

Mahesh Narayanan
North Central Track Coach

Jenel Taylor

“Since becoming a member at Jab Fitness 8 months ago, I have lost 30 lbs. I have worked out at many other regular gyms and Jab Fitness is by far the best. Jab is a great place to be. Joe is very friendly, helpful and is always there. Thanks Joe!” 
Joel Medina 24 Yrs. Old

“Jab Fitness has been one of the best workouts I have ever done. I lost all my pregnancy weight, toned up and gained more energy. I went from jumping rope for 10 seconds to 30 minutes and hitting the bags with little force to real force. As a physical therapist, I really appreciate different forms of exercise. As a mom, I really appreciate having more energy for my kids and leading a healthy lifestyle. Thanks Joe.” 
Nikki Rivera 38 Yrs. Old
Physical Therapist and Mom Director Newsome Physical Therapy Center

“I will always remember the first day I walked into Jab Fitness. I have previous martial arts experience (many, many years ago) and I always felt that something was lacking in the fitness club I had belonged to for the last few years. After my first workout with Joe, I realized what that was. Sweat, good old-fashioned sweat and the inability to complete a sentence because my heart was pounding and I was out of breath. Learning how to jump rope for 3 minutes straight is no easy task, yet Joe makes it look so simple. I found a workout that gets the whole body and mind involved. When I felt the power of my punch on the heavy bag, I knew I found my gym.” 
Sharon Jelinek
Member since 11/10/09

“Jab Fitness is a great place to have a great workout with great people. I have been to many different gyms and none of them offer what I can get working out at Jab. Joe is an excellent instructor and shows you the proper technique to use in various workouts. If you are a veteran or are new to hitting the bags Jab Fitness is the place to be.” 
Sean King, 39 Yrs.Old
Messaging Administrator Nalco Chemical

“As a Martial Arts Instructor, I’m always looking for new ways to stay on the cutting edge. There is a never ending pursuit of learning and developing my skills as an Instructor/Fighter. This is a way of life for me. Joe Cassano at Jab Fitness Training helps me keep that cutting edge. The aura of Jab Fitness is one in which you feel with all your senses that this is a place to workout to the max. You can smell the sweat, hear the blazing pops on the bags, see muscles rippling, and feel the quality of the equipment which is only the best. This is exactly my kind of place to train. Having a great facility is very important, although it means nothing without a great Trainer. As soon as the birds start to chirp in the morning to the time for the lights to go out, Joe is there. He is ready to motivate, instruct and challenge you beyond your expectations. He emulates patience, dependability, and most of all a true sincerity in helping people achieve there goals. He is the most personably person I have met and also a great friend. Thanks Joe for your ongoing support, and providing a service that everyone should experience and integrate into there life.” 
Chris Chodhary
Martial Arts Instructor

“I recently turned 50 and was looking for a change in my workout routine. After 30 years of running and weight lifting I had gotten stagnant in my workouts and was looking for a jump start. JAB Fitness was a perfect fit! With no prior boxing experience I took the plunge and decided to try something completely new. I have been training at JAB for about 2 months now, usually 5 days a week. My endurance and stamina have increased dramatically and I feel better than I have in 20 years. I would highly recommend JAB Fitness for anyone regardless of their age or fitness level.” 
Matt Prince, 50 yrs. Old
Financial Sales Manager

“I never would have thought boxing would be for me, but at JAB I feel like I fit right in. My Uncle Terry Quick told me about how tough this workout was, and boy was he right! JAB’S laid back atmosphere is one of its greatest qualities. I customized my own workout to fit my own fitness level and I can adjust it as I need to, to challenge myself even more. My overall energy and strength has increased tremendously. Joe is really there to push you to your limit and everyday I see improvement. JAB FITNESS IS THE BEST!!!” 
Mallory Graham
College Student

“Me Gusta Entrenar en Jab Fitness porque el ambiente es agradable con todos los miembros de este lugar a demas de que es un buen sitio paca mantenerse en buen condecion y saludable y sin presion por eso Recomiendo este lugar para sentirse major a demas de que el entrenador es muy amigable y Buena Honda.” 
Ricardo Tochimani

“I’ve been with JAB for about 4 years now and it is by far the best thing I have ever been a part of. This boxing workout is the best physical training I have ever experienced. Over the years I have done numerous sports such as football, basketball and baseball and after everything, JAB Fitness has been the toughest, most intense and most fun I have ever had working out. It challenges you both mentally and physically and has put me in the best shape of my life. The people at JAB are great to work out with and motivate you as well. Joe Cassano is a great instructor and works with every single member to improve their skills. Joe is a great guy and he makes the boxing experience fun yet challenging. Get into JAB and try it out. Don’t be intimidated by other members. Everyone starts out very slow but in no time you will be a natural who can’t get enough. By far, joining JAB is one of the best decisions I have made and I plan on continuing for many years to come. Thanks for everything Joe!”
John Bubeck, 22 yrs. Old
Western Illinois University Student

“I joined Jab Fitness about two years ago when I was looking for something different than my traditional weight lifting and running on a treadmill. I’ve always been a big boxing fan and figured I’d try something new to keep me enthused about my work outs. Man did I make a great choice. The Jab Fitness has provided me with an intense workout that combines both strength and cardio training. Now I work harder in 30 minutes than I did in an hour doing my traditional workout. Not only did I lose 8 pounds in the first month, I also increased my upper body definition and overall stamina.
If you’re looking for a great workout that combines cardio, strength training and overall confidence, give the Jab Fitness workout a try.
You won’t regret it! “
Keith Haynes, 39 yrs. Old
Project Manager

“Jab Fitness is truly my favorite workout! Even after 2 years it has continued to be challenging for me and always a lot of fun. Along with providing great one on one instruction, Joe has created an environment that is both friendly and comfortable’a place where your confidence can easily grow with each workout.”
Gilly Torres, 35 yrs. Old

“For the last 15 years I have spent thousands of dollars on high end fitness clubs and personal trainers only to find the results mediocre. In my search for something different I decided to take a chance on Jab Fitness which was far from my comfort zone. The workouts are tough but the results have been spectacular. In three months I have lost three inches in my waist and my fitness level has been the best it’s been in my adult life.”
Terry Quick, 51 yrs, Old

“I’ve been at jab for about 2 years, and at the beginning it was tough but once you get used to it it’s the best! What I love about Jab is Joe’s help. He’s always there to teach you whatever you want to get in shape. I never liked to go to a real gym, but I found one any way. Joe has been a boxing coach, a trainer and a good friend. THANKS JOE!!!”
Danny Torres, 19 yrs. Old
Superior Ambulance Service

“JAB is the perfect solution to doing boring cardio on a stepper or treadmill. I used to walk on the treadmill for an hour and now I have more fun and energetic workouts at JAB, while burning twice as many calories”
Grant Law, 22 yrs. Old
North Central College Student

“Jab Fitness has helped me get into better shape for my other activities that I did for Scullen Middle School and my future activities at Neuqua. I am 14 years old and been working out at Jab for one year and it has helped me dramatically lose weight fast. It is a quick 30-45 minute workout that can help you lose weight fast.”
Ryan Gardner, 14 yrs. Old
Neuqua Valley H.S. Freshman

“Forget boring workouts. Jab offers an exciting workout that I look forward to everyday. Through the guidance and knowledge of owner Joe Cassano, I lost 10 pounds the first month and another 5 the second. More importantly, the weight comes off and it is starting to be replaced with toned muscle. Thanks for everything, Joe. Your motivation makes for a great workout!”
Ryan Hall, 27 yrs. Old
Math Teacher Metea Valley H.S.

“I have been at JAB FITNESS for about 3 months and I must say the workout is great! It relieves stress and gets you in shape at the same time. What more could you ask for? Joe is very patient and helps out tremendously. I lost over 10 pounds since I started and the workout is addicting. Don’t just listen to me’try it for yourself!”
Delvyn Jones, 28 yrs. Old
Air Traffic Controller

“Jab Gym……No Du Jour workouts, No fancy machines with all the Bells & Whistles. Just a basic made in Hell workout. If it wasn’t for Jab, I would be in Jail.”
Joe Gollinger, 53 yrs. Old
Sporting Goods Importer
Chi-Town Sports, Owner

“Since becoming a member at Jab 4 months ago I have lost 15 lbs. I have worked out at many other boxing gyms and Jab is by far the best! The thing I love most about Jab is that you don’t have to wait for a specific time to start a class; you can work out any time you want. There is a great atmosphere at Jab, it’s never too crowded and Joe is a great instructor. I highly recommend it!”
Melissa Austin, 27 yrs. Old

“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee,
I never wanted to be the next Ali!
What I sought,
And what I got,
More Energy to Finish My Day With a POP!
Warm-up, core, rope, bags: heavy and speed, 
Plus Joe’s Guidance to insure you succeed,
That’s the Jab Recipe —- ‘all you need’!
What else I got,
What I didn’t expect,
Motivation, Laughs, + New Friends Were Met!!! “
Al Adducci, 54 yrs. Old

“This gym is by far the best gym that I have been to. I’ve done MMA training, football training, weight training, etc. Jab Fitness is by far the hardest workout I have done. Not only that, but Joe goes through everything with you when you’re a new comer to help you perform better. Joe is a really fun guy to get along with. He is very patient with the members and really tries to make all his members the best they can be.”
Christopher Thacker

One of the best workouts anyone can do! I’ve done numerous different types of workout routines before and this one will push your limits every time. My endurance and energy levels have sky rocketed. I look forward to every workout at Jab. Thanks for everything Joe.”
Ed Lileikis, 29 yrs. Old
District Manager

“I have been going to Jab for a few years now and it never gets old. Jab is a great place to go and Joe is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. The workout you do here does wonders for you and benefits you physically, socially, and mentally. It is one of a kind and thank you Joe for helping me become confident in myself.”
Max Pung, 16 yrs. Old
NVHS Student

“I love JAB! My trainer’s name is Joe and he is a good trainer. In Jab, everyone is nice. Joe is a good trainer and pays attention to everyone. He trains you to use the heavybag, speedbag, double-end bag and jumprope. I am James and Jab rocks!”
James Poeppelmeier, 10 yrs. Old
5th Grade, Southbury Elementary School

Tom Malaret, 47 yrs. Old
Collector Car Dealer
Owner of Classic Motorwerks

“I have lost 45 lbs. over the last 6 months and Jab is largely responsible. The workouts are physically demanding but Joe provides the perfect environment to make me come back 3-4 times per week. If you are looking for a new way to work out and get in great shape, you have to give Jab a shot.”
Eric C. Borden
Bank of America

“When I first started at Jab I couldn’t jump rope for a minute, I couldn’t go a full round on the heavy bag, and I seemed to miss the speed bag more than I hit it. A year later and 40 pounds lighter I can honestly say that Jab has provided me with the most challenging workout I have ever had. Not only does Jab provide you with a warm and welcoming environment, it also has a personal, hands on approach to boxing. Joe is capable of training and customizing a routine for boxers at every level of skill and age. Working out at Jab has increased my muscular endurance and strength and provided me with a fun outlet for my cardio.”
Brett Barnett, 23 yrs. Old
Manager, General Nutrition Center (GNC)


I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for finding JAB Fitness. I joined the first week of October with 42 days until my wife and I left for our Hawaiian vacation. My goal was to trim some weight and tone up before hitting the beach. I came in weighing 190 pounds of flabby and I am proud to say that after 2 months of hard work and lots of fun, I am weighing in at a lean 179 pounds. This is the first time in 6 years I’ve weighed below 180 pounds and the best part is, I’ve rediscovered that I have abs!! Finding JAB was a gift for me. Not only was I looking to lose weight and tone up, but I was looking for a stress reliever and believe me when I say hitting the heavy bag does the job. My wife agrees that I look better than I have in years and am more relaxed than I’ve been in months. Anyone considering JAB needs to go ahead and commit to bettering yourself and join. I was hesitant at first, but I have to say Joe Cassano is great with everyone and treats every person exactly the same’with respect and care. Thank you Joe, my wife and I are very grateful for JAB and what it’s done for me so far. Unfortunately for you, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me as I plan on working out at JAB for a long time to come!”
Brad Tracy, 29 yrs. Old
Regional Account Manager

“I have been going to Jab for about 18 months. Let me tell you – I hate to work out. I don’t like gyms or fitness centers. But Jab is different. I do not consider this a gym or fitness center. I consider Jab a club where you see friends. I have some laughs and workout. And what a workout it is! By eating right and the Jab way I lost 35 pounds. I have not felt this good in 3 years and I owe a lot to Joe and Jab. Keep up the good work.”
Evan Goldenberg, 47 yrs. Old
Manufacturing Rep

“I’ve been a member of Jab Fitness for 3 years and still loving it. The workout routine never gets old, it gets better. Once you learn the basics of boxing conditioning, you then improve on technique, speed and endurance. Joe is always around to challenge you and never misses greeting you as you enter the gym. Jab members come in all shapes and sizes and are all very friendly. I have never felt self conscious or out of place at Jab. Boxing is a great workout- Try it and you’ll be hooked like I am.”
Janis Koch, 43 yrs. Old
Dupage County Sheriff Deputy

“Those days where I feel like I’m about to start crashing into other cars and maybe plow down some pedestrians from built up frustration, or hell even robbing a bank because I feel like a walking psycho that day, I remember that special place where the heavy bags are hanging and the speed bags are being hammered like the sound of 20 death metal drummers in a drum competition. Having a workout place like Jab utilizing boxing can really regain your sanity along with getting one of the best physical workouts you can imagine. It’s also great having a guy like Joe Cassano to show you the ropes to get you going. He has the patience and is more than willing to show you stuff and work with you with no awkwardness. He’s one of the best! Jab Fitness is a place where you can walk in full of rage, workout, do some boxing, exert some energy and walk out with a smile feeling rejuvenated.”
Jay Dortch (Psycho’s don’t age)
Smack Yo Momma Productions
Stallone’s Stunt Double

“I found out about Jab through a fellow coworker. After my first meeting with the owner Joe Cassano I knew this was the place for me. As soon as you walk through the door, Joe gives you a greeting unlike any other place can. While you train, he provides you with all the support and knowledge you need to succeed. In less then four months, Joe has helped me get into shape and boost my confidence. In that little time, I can’t believe I’ve lost 30lbs! Thank you so much Joe! “
Jeff Moralde, 29 yrs. Old
Pharmacy Tech
Central Dupage Hospital

“A couple of years ago I was in search of a gym, but not just any gym, a ‘Boxing Gym’ something different from the day to day workout factories. So I searched on the web and found Jab Fitness. I was a little intimidated at first, so I asked my husband to join first to see how it was. He loved it, and I joined a month later. Joining Jab Fitness has been one of the best decisions my husband and I made. My normal day at Jab Fitness starts with jumping rope then hitting the heavy bag, followed by hitting the speed bags and ending with a series of floor exercises to build my core muscles. One thing about Jab Fitness is that everyone is so nice. Joe is always available if you have questions or need assistance with your workout. I believe that your most important asset in your life is your health. Jab Fitness is definitely an excellent way to loose weight and stay healthy.”
Maria L. King, 36 yrs. Old

“Jab Fitness is a great place and the owner Joe is a great person. On the weekends, I stay active by frequently playing basketball, baseball, or hockey. By working out at Jab, I’m able to stay in shape which helps me to play at a competitive level and remain injury free.”
Mark Rivera

“I started a year ago at Jab and weighed 170lbs at only 5’2″. Now, I step much lighter at less than 150lbs. The only disadvantage comparing now to then is that it feels colder during the winter but I’m more than happy to live with that.”
Michael Park, 29 yrs. Old

“Jab Fitness is a great place to be. Joe is very friendly and he is very helpful and is always there. Boxing is very fun and intense. It feels so good after a great workout at Jab Fitness.”
Mike Cancelliere

“I have been a member at Jab for 3 years. Jab has helped me become a better person both inside and outside. Since the first day at Jab I can’t get enough of this place. I am more confident then ever and in the best shape I have ever been in. Joe is a great friend and mentor. Joe never gave up on me and always has great things to say on improving my routine to just how my day went. Jab has turned my life around and will only get better as time goes on.”
Phil Palermo, 21 yrs. Old
Doumak Marshmallow Company

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and endorse Joe, from Jab Fitness Training. This facility is one of the most exhilarating places I have ever worked out. The motivation that Joe provides is great. You can work out at your own pace but Joe is always available to give a positive push. Consistency, above and beyond anything experienced in other gyms, working out 3 to 4 times a week with new and innovating techniques wrapped up in the basics of boxing. I feel I can overcome anything I put my mind to, I feel totally satisfied every time I complete my workouts. I’ve been a member for less than a year but Joe really makes me feel “like an old shoe”, right at home. I strongly encourage anyone who wants a tough, consistent and exhilarating workout to join. Come see and feel the difference at JAB Fitness Training, but only if you want to work hard and get results.”
Rosa Molina, 43 yrs. Old

“Boxing is one of the most fun and most rewarding activities in my life. I’m glad I chose Jab Fitness because it gives you a great sense of belonging and couldn’t ask for a better trainer than Joe. The amount of cardio and exercise you get in training is amazing and thanks to it, I am in better shape now than when I started. Maybe when I’m his age, I can only hope to be at Joe’s physical level. Train hard!”
Heri Castilla
Naperville North H.S.

“Jab is great. I’m a hockey player and after only 4 months of working out my coaches and I have noticed lots of improvement with not only speed but even my shot has gotten better. Joe is a really great guy and really knows what he is doing, so thanks Joe for all your help.”
Ryan O’Hara, 16 yrs. Old

“Jab Fitness is an intense, efficient, challenging work out. I have been working out for 20+ years and this has taken my fitness level up in a very short period of time. I recommend it to anyone who isn’t afraid of hard work.”
Todd Scott
National Account Sales

“Before coming to Jab, I use to go to a typical gym with free weights, machines, treadmills, etc. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t getting anywhere on an exercise bike. So I checked out Joe’s place and the next day I cancelled my gym membership. At Jab, I feel like the exercises I do are not only building my body and making me more fit; I am also building a useful skill. At a health club, you have to pay a trainer to show you what to do and how to do it. But after 3 days, he is gone unless you fork over more cash. Well at Jab, Joe is always watching. It’s as though he is on quality control at all times and if he sees something that you can use to improve your routine, he comes over to let you know. Jab is also informal and flexible – unlike strict martial arts schools. I feel like I can move at my own pace and advance naturally here. So far, after about 2 months, I have lost over 15 lbs. and have gained a very practical exercise routine.”
Abel Ramirez, 35 yrs. Old
Graffstract Media
Lord and Master

“The boxing circuit at Jab is the best cardiovascular workout I have had since I left collegiate wrestling. Prior to working out at Jab I never had any experience boxing. Jabs owner & operator, Joe Cassano, personally trained me how to do this workout. In a few simple months I obtained the skills needed to maximize this boxing workout. When I master one skill, Joe introduces me to something new so it never gets boring. I have now been there for two years and still love to go to the gym.”
Matt Frego, 30 yrs. Old
Sales/Marketing University of Chicago
Senior Account Manager

“I have worked out for many years, but no other workout has changed my body the way the Jab workout has. It is a great combination of aerobic and muscle-building exercise, and I am stronger, but leaner, in my core, arms, and legs. I have tried everything from running to weight-lifting to step classes, and no other workout has made me feel better and look better than this one has. I started boxing to escape the monotony of treadmill workouts, and now I really enjoy the physical and mental challenges provided by my boxing sessions. It is a tough workout, but you can progress at your own pace and comfort level.
Joe is a friendly person who makes the workouts fun, and he made me feel welcome even though I knew absolutely nothing about punching a bag when I started working out at Jab Fitness. Joe has transferred his enthusiasm and love for the sport of boxing to me and his other clients.”
Liz Merkley

“If you’re looking for a great workout with a friendly environment, JAB Fitness is the place to go! Joe will show you just the right way to complete the exercises so they will be as effective as possible. There are always people of all ages there, so even if you’re a kid, there will be other kids, too. Some of the exercises are even fun, so I guarantee you that you won’t find a workout better than boxing at JAB Fitness Training.”
Andrew Merkley, 11 yrs. Old

Dan Weisman, 17 yrs. Old

“Never have I endured a work out as physically demanding yet emotionally and socially rewarding as the boxing workout at JAB Fitness. The fitness routine, broken into 3 minute rounds varying between jump roping, speed bag work and heavy bag work trains ones body to not only be a good boxer but also to be a better athlete and a more healthy individual. I, being a runner for high school cross country and track teams, used to lack the muscular strength exhibited by my football playing peers but that is no longer an issue due to the workouts at JAB Fitness. Boxing serves as a great cross training aid that will supplement ones performance in any sport. I have also made a lot of new friends at the gym which is a nice social facet of the work out. Don’t worry about being too weak or too young or too shy or too old; Joe Cassano, the owner, is one of the friendliest guys I know and I know he treats all of his members with the utmost respect. I would most definitely recommend JAB Fitness Training to anyone”
Al Merkley, 16 yrs. Old
Head Drummer/Percussionist for “Runaway Freight Train”

“I’ve tried a ton of different ways to stay fit but none are more intense or fun as an eight round workout at JAB.”
Alex Dieck, 17 yrs. Old
Neuqua H.S. Student

Dan Weisman and Alex Dieck

Zack Zinsmaster

“Jab Fitness has helped me lose weight incredibly fast and it is as fun as heck. It’s addicting and I can take out my steam on the heavy bag. If I couldn’t make it to boxing I would die from disappointment!”
Jeremy Singer, 13 yrs. Old
Gregory Middle School, 8th Grade

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to defend myself. I’ve tried it all; wrestling, Jui Jitsu, Karate’you name it. However, I always found myself having a hard time getting motivated and there was just too much to remember with all that.
Ever since I started coming to JAB, I have felt that there is NO BETTER WORKOUT! I’m learning how to throw punches and I’m getting stronger and more fit in half the time I spent with all the other stuff. Not only that, Joe Cassano (God) is always there to keep pushing me and teaching me new things. I couldn’t be more impressed with the results I’ve seen thus far. Do yourself a favor and learn how to get in shape and kick some ass in only a couple of hours a week as I have done.”
TJ Fink, 19 yrs. Old
Illinois State University Student

“THANK YOU, JOE! Since I joined in April I’ve lost 20 pounds of fat and gained nearly 10 pounds of muscle. I’ve improved my overall health and eliminated the knee and back pain I used to suffer from. At age 43, I’m in the best shape of my adult life thanks to your personal instruction and coaching. I really enjoy the boxing regimen and you’ve created a great atmosphere for your members to workout in. As an added bonus, I’m ripping the golf ball and softball farther than I have in 20 years. I give you the credit, Joe, as I’ve vastly increased my core strength and hand-eye coordination. Keep up the great work!”
Scott Kelsch, 43 yrs. Old
RAK Sports, Inc.

“Joe provides a great workout in a fun and friendly environment-plus you are learning a new skill.” 
Dr.Jeff Braxton, 47 Yrs. Old
Surgeon Amerivein

“Finally, I found a workout that I really enjoy! After years of going to other gyms and not really getting anything from it, I decided to join JAB. I have been a member for over two years now and I look forward to my workouts. The workout is tough and intense’definitely the hardest training I have ever done. Joe, the owner of JAB has helped transform my body and get me into great shape, and for that I thank him! I would highly recommend this workout to anyone who wants real results and a change in your life.”
Carey Prassa, 41 yrs. Old
Stay at home Mom

“I have been a power walker for many years. I had tried other exercising places and they were just “okay”. A year ago, the walking stopped, but the food intake didn’t and boy – quickly came the extra pounds. So, I decided to get myself together’old fashioned way – diet and exercise. I walked into Jab Sept. 1st, ’05 and have never wanted to do anything else. Many members will say, “It’s addicting.” I never think, “I have to go to the gym – yuck.” I WANT to go.
The first reason is Joe. He’s your personal trainer, a guy who always brings you up in spirit. His “don’t worry, everybody gets it” phrase is a constant reminder. He’s not a pushover, though. He’ll work with you and for you. He’s everybody’s mentor and friend.
The second reason is how I feel and look. My head is soaked most often when I leave. My arms and legs often have that exercise burn, but I have never looked this fit. I have never felt this good either. I’m healthier, starting to see some definition, 15lbs lighter and have never been happier. I always recommend Jab to people I meet. You’ll love it too.”
Nancy A. Luna, 44 yrs. Old
Sales Rep., Market Day
“Jab Fitness Training is inspiring. I wake up every morning anticipating my workout. In just 6 weeks, I’ve trimmed my body enough to purchase a smaller sized swimsuit. This is the lifetime fitness program I’ve been waiting for’I’m hooked!”
Angela Stirn, 38 yrs. Old

The No Frills, Just Fitness concept at JAB works perfectly for me. With Joe’s one-on-one assistance, I hit my first two goals and am on my way to the third. The workouts are customized, challenging, and unique. I really enjoy training here in the fun and laid-back atmosphere at JAB.”
Shawn Skeels, 30 yrs. Old
Service Technician

“Training at ‘Jab’ has increased my overall fitness level to a point I once thought unattainable. The combination of cardio and strength training will definitely boost your metabolism while improving muscle tone and overall cardiovascular health. The intensity level is so high that all I need is a 45 minute workout, about half the time I would spend at a conventional gym. With each week, I have noticed improved strength and stamina. ‘Jab’ is great!”
Dr. Nick F. Pisto, DDS, 
Nick F. Pisto Dentistry, P.C.

“Since leaving college flabby and overweight, Jab has quickly gotten me back into shape. Never since playing sports has a workout like this gotten me excited on a day to day basis. By putting in a few days a week and eating decently, you will see results. I never get bored with this workout because there is always something new to learn, whether it be a different combination on the heavy bag or a new trick on the speed bag. After seeing differences in yourself, both inside and out, you will be hooked. Outside of the instruction Joe gives you during your training, he is also an awesome friend. Thanks again, Joe!”
Adam Sax, 25 yrs. Old
Loss Prevention

“I’ve tried many different workout classes, even had my own personal trainer. Jab is by far the toughest, greatest workout I’ve ever done. The best part about working out at “Jab” is only needing 45 minutes or less and you’ve had a killer workout!”
Norma Wagner, 34 yrs. Old
Pharmacist, Osco Drug

“I came back from college and was looking for a place to work out at a reasonable price for the summer. A friend of mine introduced me to JAB and I’ve loved it ever since. Joe is always there to push you harder and always makes you feel important with the one on one attention he provides. It’s by far the best 30 minute workout I’ve ever done! Thanks Joe!”
Tim Gregory, 20 yrs. Old
College Student

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