“At a time I was looking to take my fitness to the next level and make a change, Jab Fitness Training did just that and changed my life forever. Joe is the best! I had no boxing experience. My first day was tough, but I could tell I had someone who was going to truly help me achieve my goals. Joe did just that. He really cares and wants to see you be successful. He continued to work with me, teach me new things and push me to new limits. Not to mention, I never wanted to leave. If I wasn’t training, I was having great conversations with Joe or other members. I mean who gets their name on a chair at a gym! It’s such a great environment and there are so many great people that I have created lifelong friendships with. Joe is like family to me! I appreciate him believing in me!”
Brock Douglas

“I have been with Jab Fitness for over 7 months and I have nothing but praise. For statistics, I am 5’9”, I started at 29% body fat and 216 lbs. and now I am 13% body fat at my leanest and 165 lbs. and counting. The atmosphere provides a “you are always welcome” vibe. Joe, the owner, is a great mentor in the sport of boxing and will do all the exercises with you until you are comfortable on your own. All the members are courteous & accepting of anyone with no feeling of being judged. If you are looking for a local boxing gym in the Chicagoland area that isn’t traditional “big box” for an affordable price, this place cannot be beat!”

Henry Jones

“I remember sitting in Joe’s office at 300+lbs crying and asking him for help.  He looked at me and said let’s go…. Without Joes help and commitment to helping me become a healthier version of me, I couldn’t have done it!  He is has been there every step of my weightloss journey!  Never once did I feel out of place at Jab!  The Jab family is truly one of a kind! I looked forward to going everyday!  With the guidance of Joe and his knowledge of health and fitness, I lost -130lbs and gained my life back!   I am forever grateful for him and his gym!  I was greeted everytime I walked into Jab with a hello Jen….  That’s means a lot to someone who was so used to not being seen.  I have never met a trainer who is more dedicated to the success of his members than Joe Cassano!  -130lbs lost, who would have thought that was possible!!!  Well with Joe it was!!! I LOVE JOE and JAB FITNESS!!!   Don’t think twice, run to sign up!!  Best life saving decision I have ever made!!”

Jennifer Cook



“When I first started at Jab I knew there was something different about this gym compared to most gyms…and that is the owner and trainer himself! I was 261lbs and lost 80lbs! If you have a vision that you want to achieve this is the place to do it. Joe will help you along the way and help keep you accountable to keep you on track. I am a proud Jab member and always will be. Not only do you get really great results from being a member here, you also become family to the gym because we all want to help each other.”
Michael Corradini, 20 yrs. Old
​Student at COD

“Jab Fitness Training is where you go to get healthy physically & mentally. There is no better environment to exercise in! Jab offers training, equipment, friends, and the best trainer around. Joe is motivational, knowledgable, and full of tips. I am so thankful to be happier and healthy. A year and 5 months of serious workouts and dieting and I am down almost 80lbs. Thanks Joe!”
Chanel Koepke

“Joe is such a great guy! He takes the time to show you proper techniques and he can really get you motivated. Even if you are feeling a little down, he’ll still manages to help you find that motivation. Overall great environment, alot of people I have met there are good people and super friendly. Non judgemental place, everyone works at their own pace. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good gym.”

Joel Martinez

“My one year anniversary at Jab is tomorrow and wow has it been a crazy year. 2020 was a wild ride for everyone but one thing that made it really not that bad for me was Jab. I love coming in every day to see how Joe’s doing and getting my workouts in. The environment is awesome and the people are even better. Ever since my sister Megan brought me in to give it a try, I knew I was hooked. When I started I was very underweight for my height, had little stamina, and little structure to my life. Through going to Jab almost every day and sometimes two a day, it taught me how discipline and hard work leads to improvement which ultimately leads to success. Now after a year of Jab I’ve gained almost 20lbs of muscle, noticed my stamina increase tremendously, and also noticed a lot more structure in my life. I would not trade Jab for anything and would highly recommend giving it a try if you are interested in fitness or boxing. Also, huge shoutout to Joe for being the best trainer in the game.”

Logan Phipps, 19 years Old

Aurora University 

“I’ve been going to many of the large name gyms for years. I always went looking for results and never found what was right for me. The moment I walked into Jab I knew I was home. The people are nice and the environment is welcoming. Jab gives results! I went from 176 pounds to 161 pounds in about 1 1/2 months! Joe is not only my trainer but also my friend. I’d gladly give Joe my business in the years to come.”
Kyle Conners, 21 years Old

“When I joined Jab I was just seeing the light after a multiyear struggle that ended in a bipolar diagnosis. I liked the loud music and the layout of the gym. It was great to have Joe greet me by name every day. With time I started to feel like a more attractive person. If you’re reading this and its calling to you… consider yourself lucky! You found your new thing. And that goes for guys and girls. I love seeing girls in the gym!”

Joe Hawrysz

“Before coming to Jab Fitness, I had tried several other gyms. Most places made me feel out of place and self-conscious. Jab is different. Firstly, Joe greets every member by name as soon as they walk through the door. It makes you feel like you belong; part of something. The members are from all walks of life and represent the full spectrum of the fitness journey. The whole atmosphere is one of encouragement and support. Joe will push you to make sure you’re working as hard as you can, and he’ll keep you accountable, but you’ll never feel judged or intimidated.”

Lucy O’Leary

“It’s been over a year now. I tell you this is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Day one, I felt like, nope can’t do this, but here I am more than a year later. I thank my fitness trainer Joe Cassano who is nothing short of amazing. He never gave up on me, still today pushing me to get it done. Thank you Patricia Givand Holt for introducing me and encouraging me. The best is yet to come.” Laura Caldwell

“Joe is literally not only one of the best trainers but has such a pure soul. I’ve been coming here on and off for over 3 years. Each time I come back he always motivates me to get back to my healthy habits. Every one is super friendly, always clean and has such a welcome home type vibe. I can’t lie I love it there!”

Ashlyn Lucchetti

“Great workout and everytime Joe sees you he always makes you feel welcome! Best Boxing gym in town.”

Bill Rademacher

“I have enjoyed working with Joe since I started. He is a great motivator that keeps you honest. He is always there to support and encourage you meet your personal fitness goals.”

Julius Rurangirwa

“I have been going to this gym for around 3 years now and have never regretted that decision. As a plus size woman I was honestly terrified to join a gym. Joe and the other members have done an amazing job with making me feel comfortable and most importantly welcomed. This truly is a family environment and encourage everyone to come, kids, teens, young adults and beyond. Joe caters the workout to your abilities and isn’t afraid to encourage you to reach and pass your personal goals. I promise you, you won’t regret showing up!”

Emily Spaargaren

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